If you are interested in looking at the intersection between architecture and textiles or architextiles this blog may interest you.  It’s about the meshing together of architectural space making and textiles to construct places for people to inhabit using digital soft fabrication and computation. I will be writing about ideas concerning this topic, posting interesting projects and events as well as posting some of my own work in architecture and textiles. If you have been working in this area would be great to hear from you and to see a post about your work.

This blog will be a place to have a conversation and learn about new ways in which to consider both the built environment at all scales from the urban scale to the intimate interior scale through the lens of textile fabrication.  I believe that textiles are radically changing the way in which architects or designers can think about traditional building materials because of all the new advances that have been made in textiles over the last 15 years with e-textiles and textiles that can be embedded with sensors to respond to the environment and interact with people. In what ways can architecture use or integrate the techniques and practices of textile fabrication to make urban space, and dwellings lighter, more efficient, more delightful, more connected to the ways in which people use and inhabit them?

I am a fifth year Doctoral Candidate at M.I.T. in the School of Architecture and Planning, and my research on textiles and soft building is within the Design and Computation Group. I have been trained as an engineer, and as an architect and have completed my Bachelors degree in Engineering at Tufts University, and the Masters of Architecture degree at Princeton University.   I have a practice fadstudio where you can see some previous works.

Felecia Davis

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your comment . The blog will continue to show many different kinds of ways that people are working with textiles to change the built environment. Some projects will be ones I have worked on but I would like it to cover more issues than what I can do alone. So, If you know of others working to this end I would appreciate hearing about them here!



  2. Hi Felecia, I just came across your blog, because some of the images were pinned to Pinterest. You do fascinating work! I’m Master’s student at MIT in arch & planning. Are you still here? May I come meet you and see what you are currently working on?
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Felecia.
    Some fascinating ideas in your blog, good to see…
    I use 3 way weaving to make integral surface / structural patterns

    – here are some of the paper models I make to test ideas before scaling up to bigger work woven from bamboo

    best wishes from Italy
    Alison Martin

    • Hi Alison,

      Thank for your comments.
      The Schoen Schwarz P (primitive) surface woven structure ‘Labyrinths’ is really
      beautiful. What are the other surfaces called like the ‘Holey Ball’ for example? Are you making the ‘Labyrinth’ bamboo? Send links when you have them.



  4. Hi, Felecia!

    It’s so great that I found your blog, that’s exactly the direction I was looking for.
    I’m just at the very begining of my personal research and very excited to ask you few questionsPlease let me know how can I contact you If you don’t mind.


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