Computing with and for the Senses

Just returned from the The 21st Distributed Ambient and Pervasive Interactions Sessions at the Human and Computer Interaction International Conference in Orlando. Great session on Computing with and for the Senses that I co-chaired with Yasmine Abbas. Thank you all for your exciting presentations, olefactory interactions and conversation. Happy to announce that Jyoti Kapur, one of our session presenters won Best Paper Award for the Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions for her paper “Engaging with sense of smell through textile interactions“. Congratualtions Jyoti!

This parallel session invites architects, spatial designers, artists, engineers, (neuro)scientists, human and interactive designers and others to present their research and (interactive) spatial design exploration based on various sensory understanding. Examples of work include the use of data and computational methods/experiments to develop tactile, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and visual spatial design.

Here was the line up:

  • Engaging with sense of smell through textile interactions
    Jyoti Kapur, Sweden, The Swedish School of Textiles
  • MOVEMENT AWARENESS: an analysis of the GESTURES installation game
    Andrew Hieronymi, United States, School of Visual Arts, Penn State University
  • Design Techniques of Ambient Media Advertisements and Message ComprehensionYen Hsu, Chia-Jung Lee, Pei-Ying Yang, Taiwan, Tatung University and Ming-Chi University of Technology
  • Sensing creatures: tools for augmenting our sensory awareness of space
    Athina Papadopoulou, United States, M.I.T. Design and Computation Group

Looking forward to continued discussion!

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