Sensors on the Body & Sensing from the Body



Sensors on the Body

You are invited to  Wearing the Future, a workshop that will provide the opportunity to discuss harnessing the potential of wearables  and smart materials to meet  wellness and healthcare needs.  The purpose of the workshop is to develop partnerships between researchers who work on problems in wellness and health care  that can be addressed using  sensors, devices, materials/ fabrics and other computational materials worn on the body.

The workshop sponsored by the College of Medicine will be held Monday, 25th March between 9:30am-4:00pm at the Hilton Garden Inn Hershey: 550 East Main Street, Hummelstown, PA, 17036, Tel. 1-717-566-9292 near the Hershey College of Medicine.

A shuttle leaving  The Nittany Lion Inn on the University Park campus at 6:50 am [schedule here ] is available to travel to and from the workshop in Hershey. The connection from the College of Medicine to the hotel  and back will be provided to workshop attendees riding the shuttle.

Organized by Rebecca Bascom, Felecia Davis and Anne Dimmock

Sensing from the Body

MADE SENSE 2019 :Touch Panel Discussion

Andrew Belser/Theater, Felecia Davis/Architecture & Aaron Knochel/Art Education

“The Matters of Art & Design (MADE SENSE) 2019 symposium will focus on exploring art and design practice through the senses: how is the sensorium integrated / embodied in the teaching and theorizing of art and design practice? What are pedagogical strategies that may open students to learn by sensing and produce emotional design and spaces of affect? From sustainability, neuroscience to the making of virtual environments, the senses are primary resources–how, when, why and for what purpose do we utilize multi-sensory approaches to practice? These are some of the questions that we anticipate exploring during the 2019 MADE Sense. ” Organized by Yasmine Abbas and Aaron Knochel.

MADE Sense will be on April 5, 2019 at the Penn State Art & Design Research Incubator”