Doing STEAM: Thinking with Material


Artists are very much scientists and scientists are very much artists. In my experience working with and thinking with material I have found that there is no science without art and that the reverse has also been so. Art and science ask different questions but each of these realms requires some of the other to function as a discipline.  The questions ” what does that mean?”  and “how does that work?” are questions that belong to both areas of knowledge creation. STEAM  is STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] with the A added for arts.    What do you think about STEAM OR STEM?


WPSU’s/Penn State’s Women in Science Project or WiSci launched Friday Jan. 27th [!].   These are video profiles of 5 scientists at Penn State including yours truly to support young women and girls’ education in STEM/STEAM careers.   Here is a link to the WPSU website WiSci.You can also follow  Women in Science on Twitter @WiSci Files. There are be live chats that will connect students in local schools to these scientists. Times and places will be posted on Twitter.

Tuesday 7 Feb. 10am , 2017 in  the Millennium Science Complex, 3rd Floor Commons at  I will share my work on a textile that quantifies the body at the Millennium Cafe@MRI, the Materials Research Institute at Penn State University on the University Park campus.  Here is a link Millennium Cafe Events 

Tuesday 21 Mar. 9am, and Wednesday 22 a workshop titled Programmable and Wearable Molecular Composites Workshop organized by the Center for Research on Advanced Fiber Technologies CRAFT @Penn State.   This workshop will bring together academics, manufacturing and industrial partners on the Penn State University Park to discuss collaborative projects involving advanced fibers and textiles. If you are interested in working with others on computational textile systems and manufacturing you should come.  Here is a link with more information PAWMC Workshop

Also for those who have asked MIT SA+P Press has provided a copy of  Patterning by Heat: Responsive Tension Structures here.

More to come Later. Working without walls, working without bans online.






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