Form Active Textile Structures


I am happy to announce that Form Active Textile Structures:  A Research Process  by Felecia Davis and Delia Dumitrescu will be released by School of Architecture and Planning Press in early November 2013.  The catalogue comes in a set of 5 and will be available from the School of Architecture and Planning for $24.99.  The catalogue contains two essays and details from the Patterning by Heat:  Responsive Tension Structures Exhibition that was shown in the Keller Gallery Fall 2012.

JPEG image[2]_smallclosing fabric_shrinking yarn_early test

In addition to details about the Keller exhibition we also included work and discussion from the Digital Translations:  3D Printed Textiles Workshop held at the Swedish School of Textiles in Boras Sweden Spring 2012.


We are psyched!  Coming Soon!  Look for it!

Made possible with a little help from our friends @ the MIT School of Architecture and Planning.  So a shout out to  Nader Tehrani;  Irene Hwang and Lizzie Yarina  for help with layout and editing as well as Sarah Hirschman for help with getting the original exhibition installed.  Thanks Guys!

2 thoughts on “Form Active Textile Structures

  1. Hi Felecia,

    I’m a student at Savannah College of Art and Design and have been working with knitting machines for my senior portfolio. I’m very interested in creating interactive textiles/objects and am currently working towards integrating shape memory alloys and Arduino electronics into my knitting. I would love to purchase this book and haven’t been able to find it for purchase on the web – I’ve only found a listing for you (

    Currently, my biggest challenge is determining which materials I should purchase and sourcing them. If you have any suppliers to suggest, please let me know.

    Your research is fascinating to me and I really hope to find out more!

    • Hi Betsy,

      I will check in with the School of Architecture and Planning to see how people can order this book and post the info.
      Also a good source for researching materials is Leah Buechley’s High Low Tech materials list online here her New Textiles Course Sparkfun is a good place to start too

      For shape memory alloys here is a good source These shape memory alloys can run hot so sometimes it is difficult to combine them with yarn. Also they tend to pull out of the yarn part of the knitted stitches if you integrate shape memory alloys into a knitted structured fabric. There are many ways to integrate it though so it should be a good experiment.

      Let me know how it all goes!

      Best Regards,


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