Grassy Textiles

Edwina Portocarrerero’s Grass and Silicon Textile

This is a non woven piece by Edwina Portocarrero  made of silicon and fresh picked grass for the New Textiles course taught by Leah Beuchley at the Media Lab at MIT. In this picture taken on April 14th, it is one day old, I will be taking pictures of this over the next month to see what happens.  Maybe it will decay, but then again, the silicon is coated rather generously on it, so maybe not. Stay tuned.   It’s a totally flexible textile so you can wrap around curved surfaces, fold it, and make other interesting shapes with it, and because the silicon is water proof, depending on the thickness it could keep water out if you wanted it.  This one has a porous back, and has a beautiful transparency to it, and it smells really great .  If you are allergic to grass, you will definitely sneeze it’s the real thing.


 Surface Landscape_Programmable Grass_Felecia Davis

Surface Landscape develops the idea of merging building and landscape together,  compressing   an element of the domestic landscape to the surface of a building envelope.  It makes the technology of how we cultivate our  landscapes explicit.    This green wall is made up of small pixilated units of grass in which each unit of grass can be programmed and fed with different nutrients to change the color and texture of the grass.  A sensible feedback loop can be made with the surrounding environment, and information from the wall back to to the programmer can happen over the course of different months, allowing  calibrated adjustment.

Detail Surface Landscape_Grass Wall_ Programmable Feed Tubes_Felecia Davis